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Sitename and namespace updated / renamed[modificar]

  • Dear friends! helped and implemented the bug request bugzilla:04545 – "Namespaces for LanguageOc.php - Sitename for WB:OC: and WIKT:OC: - case sensitive WIKT:OC:". Thanks a lot.
  • Please use the new namespaces from template:wikivar to link to the pages.
  • Changing namespaces verifies also the existence of pages in the main namespace which start with a namespace prefix. The report about the change (for "Wikipèdia") was made at [1]. Please use special:Allpages to identify the new location of the pages if you can not find them imediatelly.
  • Please note that titles at "Wikiccionari" are case sensitive now. This is according to the setting of the most of the active Wictionaries.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail, via IRC or via my commons:user_talk: page.
  • Good luck and best regards! Gangleri | T 9 jan 2006 à 23:05 (UTC)